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About Us

afety Tech is one of the biggest recently new born Companies in the Egyptian Market. Its success was a result of the experience and

 professionalism of its share holders who owns successful projects in Egypt . Safety Tech was established with the aim

 of applying other sister companies’ needs.

Inter Nile company Establish on 2005 and its one from the first companies in industrial recycle tires  in Market Egypt ,and it’s the agent of 

 bandage company international , and it’s the owner of big factory for retreating  tire  including of all up data equipment.   

Inter Cairo For Industry and Trade The Company was established in 2001

Production Trials Stated Feb., 2004

The Company Comprises the following :

1800 U.S.T Horizontal Extrusion press.

880 U.S.T Horizontal Extrusion press.

The Company has all the vital workshops wish support  the production  process .

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